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Pete stubbs

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum, and I need help. There's a whining noise from underneath, that now also has a clicking, chattering sound, the local garage reckon Vic, and Ird. I got a replacement ird, and waiting to get it fitted. I had a look at the pinion shaft, and all the teeth look good, and no bits in the oil, would the pinion shaft be shot, if the Ird was at fault?

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Just so we're clear, IRD bolts to the gearbox, front driveshafts and rear prop, and the VCU (Viscous Coupling) sits in the middle the of the propshaft like this:


Typically the VCU's seize up which stresses the gears in the IRD & rear diff, wearing them out. A reconditioned VCU is ~£250 and an easy swap with a pair of new support bearings, a new IRD is £1000 and a big job, I'd want to be sure I needed one before just buying one. Try driving with the propshaft & VCU removed.

A noise from underneath can be just the VCU support bearings, clonk from the back is often the diff nose support bush, another easy change.

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