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New doors ordered

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Dont want to rain on your parade, but if i were you i would test fit the doors before you throw away the packaging.

I bought a pair of brand new pattern doors from a reputable ebay seller. They were nothing short of bloody awful. They were too small in just about every dimension, but especially height where they were about 1/2" too short.

Ended up buying 1 brand new steel-type door, and an as-new puma 2nd hand door. They fitted perfectly as you would expect.

Use caution with pattern doors. Hope yours are good. Just make sure you test fit...

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Oh bugger, I was hoping to get them sent straight from work - where they will be delivered to - directly to the painter.

Point noted need4speed. I'll take them home and test fit them first. I could even drive around without them painted if I wanted seeing as they are galv. Perfect for that Mad Max look - what with my galv front bumper too.

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In the space of just over an hour I've gone from excited to worried to excited again.

LR4x4 forum life is such an emotional rollercoaster :D

Incidentally, £200 to get the doors painted and the side of the truck blended in so they match properly. This is supposed to be mates rates. Is it a good price because I'm not sure.

Maybe it is, if he gets rid of the remains of the old stickers on the rear tub panels before blending in ?

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Cant comment on the paint as i did mine with matt black rattlecans :)

Have you found out for certain the company you are using use LR tooling for the doors? Id still be a little cautious until i heard that from the horses mouth as it were. Id hate to hear that you got them painted to find they arent a perfect fit..

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Its a professional repair shop who are doing the painting Phil and I've talked to them.

Since they are blending the paint across the side panels to make sure the doors match in I'll need to fit them first. I'll roughly fit the locks and handles etc so they can be whipped off quickly but not bother with the glass and its seal so they don't get painted.

If there are any fit issues I'll postpone the painting and talk to SP4x4

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Single piece doors. Galvanised frame and galvanised skin.

The Rolls Royce of new doors by all accounts :-)

Here is the blurb on the doors I ordered. (I obviously ordered one of these and a Right Hand version too)


This is the galvanised version of the front row push button defender door

These are made to exact OE standards

This has been galvanised to give it the best possible anti corrosion properties in the same process that Land Rover now galvanise their latest Puma rear and front doors. This is also the case for the inside of the frames too. The door skin is also galvanised so in essence you have the perfect door.

The galvanised frame is marine bonded prior to fitting the galvanised skin to stop the two surfaces rubbing together. This stops any drumming effect & makes the door feel alot stronger & tigher all around.

The galvanised frame is hand finished after the galvanising process so it is in perfect condition for the galvanised skin that is added to it later.

This is made exactly as original as they are essentially genuine land rover frames, this really is the very best defender door out there on the market at a price you cannot beat. Other companies may do them with aluminium skins at a very high price, but this is a door that will last at a price you could pay for just a standard steel door.

This is made in the UK to precise tolerances by the manufacturer that supplies Land Rover aftermarket themselves so you will not find better quality on the market!

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I'll be curious to know your thoughts on quality when they arrive Ian. I need to do all of my doors and the bulkhead in the next few years so finding a company that others recommend would be a good start. (already got the rear door sorted :) )

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