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Replacement Engine conundrum

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So - As an old git, I picked my 2000Y TD5 90 SW with 70K on the clock 3 years ago as the last car I will buy, subject to it being nicked by scrotes.

But I keep thinking that if the engine throws a six, what would I replace it with?

I have always hankered after a Defender V8, and thought about buying a terminal rusty Disco 1 now while they are cheap, to strip out the engine/gearbox etc....for future use.

Then I thought, what about an early 2.5 V6i used in the Freelander1, which I could pick up for Sub £1K? and sell some of the bits to reduce the cost even further?

Has anyone tried this and are they any good? If so what is needed to adapt it to fit.

Any advise appreciated


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If the engine in my 2001 90TD5 ever threw itself into a million pieces, must admit I'd be out seeking a Discovery MPi for the bellhousing etc, and a MOT-expired Rover 620Ti for its engine.

197 bhp (147 kW; 200 PS) and 174 lb·ft (236 N·m) torque.

As someone whose driving-style is distinctly of the "valve-bounce-to-victory" approach I reckon that would propel a Defender rather well. I wonder what the stock 90 transfer-box and gearing would get me in terms of top speed with an engine that yearns to be wound up to 6200RPM at every opportunity?

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Lady Studmuffin has been looking at nursing homes and George Clooney is top of her wish list! Poor beggar!!

My Landy now has 85K miles after 3 years, but you never know. Truth be told its a good excuse to rip out a lump, just as insurance while they are plentiful, to add to the mess I call a garage.


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A Td5 will do a huge amount of miles/work if nothing nasty is allowed to happen to it.So careful maintenance and a bit of mechanical sympathy will get you a long way.The last high mileage DII Td5 that came in to my workshop was at 273,000m having never been apart.Came in for a replacement key programming.

If you are unlucky enough to have a major problem,the engine is thoroughly rebuildable - much more so than the D3 TDv6.(Difficult to source parts ) For instance the Spanish AMC heads are much better than the OE ones,and there is 10-15 years of experience in the trade/aftermarket to fall back on.

Look after it and enjoy it,just put a fiver away now and then,they or any other engine are no longer cheap to rebuild.

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