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My knob fell off

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Does anyone know how an LT77 gear knob fits to the lever?

Mine has come off and left a kind of rubberised lump still attached to the gear lever, and there seems to be no thread inside the knob itself. So apart from squishing it back on I can't see how it fits.

I did find a ring of plastic on the lever recently, it could have been a bit of thread is suppose.

Is my old know just knackered and needs replacing, or am I missing something?

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The rubber bush screws on to the lever but IIRC a new one doesn't have an internal thread.

Don't know if they were ever bonded into the knob or not but I think they just relied on the lateral force exerted by the thread on the lever.

If you can get the rubber bush off in one piece superglue it back into the knob & screw it back on.

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Or.....remove the rubber thing altogether.

Take the ball and insert an M10 bolt lightly covered in grease into the hole. Inject Hot glue in the void between the bolt and knob. Wait for glue to cool.

Unscrew bolt then screw knob on to gear lever.

I did this on my lever and it has held OK for many years.


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