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Shock lengths


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on a S2/3 swb the front shocks are shorter than the rears. On an 80" they are all the same length, which also is the same length as the rear ones on a S2/3 swb. I run four of these on my 80". They are not a straight swap though! There's a difference in eye mounts. They are narrower on a S1 and the center pin through the bushing has a smaller ID. I fixed this with a piece of thin walled tube. If you look through my thread I'm pretty sure I put up some pics of this.

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Hi Soren

I had some tubes tapped out some time ago to thread onto the S1 top mounts and take the later series shocks - hopefully I can find where I put them !

The original shocks were different front to back though. I checked against a couple of other 80's and the measurements came out to be :


Compressed 270

Extended 410


Compressed 300

Extended 480

All the (expensive) replacement sets though were the same size front to back.

Good to know that you are happily running the rears though :)

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Okay you should be well prepared then, if you find them that is :D you say thread onto the stock mounts, does that mean they will stick out further from,the chassis? I just slid some thin-walled tubing over them and cut a bit of material off the bushings on the S2/3 shocks so I could fit them with stock S1 hardware. You will have the same problem on the spring plates too, they are also both a bit too narrow and to small a diameter for the newer shocks. But yeah it is nice to have these on instead as it gives a broader selection if shocks. I run Monroe gas ones

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That is helpful thanks - I'm looking at fitting later series shocks to my 80" to keep the costs down a little.

I have a pair of virtually new standard series shocks that are left over if you want them - I think they are standard armstrong ones.

You are welcome to them if you have someway of getting them from Oxford to you!



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Just had a look through my old orders - I think they are fronts not rears, and they may be britpart not armstrong (paddock didn't quote a manufacturer and I don't have them to hand at the moment to check)..

You are still welcome to them though - let me know!

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