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Td5 road speed help!!

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Hi all.

I've recently bought a 2002 td5 110 double cab and I love it but there's something that's puzzling me!

After owning several 90/110's with 200/300tdi's fitted and td5 discos this double cab is the slowest (top speed) I've ever had!

It's not the engine that has loads of power and from a standing start it absolutely flies, it seems to do 10mph in all gears before it's revving its head off and so 50mph is all it will do before I'm scared to push it anymore because it's revving so high!

The clutch is fine I've just replaced it along with a new dmf as it was slipping abit when I bought it.

This leads me to it being gearing,I've jacked it up and rotated the wheels and counted the rotation of wheel and props and it seems to have standard 3.54:1 diffs, the gearbox and transfer box was rebuilt in 2012 (long before i bought it) and both work fine but although the transfer box says 43d 1.4 ratio I'm wondering if the gears have been changed when rebuilt? Is there any way I can check the ratio without taking the transfer box out?

I'm running 267/75 16 BFG at's so a standard size tyre so it's not that and it's not in low box as that all works fine and it does 25mph in 5th gear in low.

Any help would be really appreciated with this as I'm struggling to keep up with traffic on major roads so i avoid them which is a pain!

Cheers Rich

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After having my 1991 200tdi 110, and driving my 200tdi R380 (shorty - defender spec) the difference in gearing is quite considerable, the R380 has lower top end gearing compared to the equivalent LT77, I puzzled over this for a rather long time, I eventually put my mind to rest using Ashcrofts gear calculator. I thought about a 1.2 transfer box but this would then put everything out with regard to the lower gears... I much preferred the gearing of the LT77 it cruised very well and pulled in the lower geared when you wanted.

I've driven lots of Td5's since and you just have to accept that the comfortable cruising speed is around 60mph. Its an ideal candidate for an overdrive, but they're just so expensive.

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Thanks all, with regards to the speedo I know it's reading correct within a few mph as I've checked it with gps. I did think about a 1.2 ratio box as I've got a couple of discovery's here I could take one out of, but I've got a set 33" tyres I was gonna put on it and when they was fitted to my discovery with a 1.2 box the lower gears were still to high when I got in some sticky stuff and I don't want the same issue with the 110.

Maybe it's just normal for a td5.


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ashcroft have a great tool on their website to figure out your gearing, also has all the trf case and gearbox serial numbers so all you have to do is look which one yours is, type in all the info and it will spit out a chart with which revs you should have for which speeds, if you not matching up to that then someone has fiddled with the gearing.

I have had some TD5's that pull like a beast in the low revs but went weak at higher rpm but I can't seem to remember what the cause was.

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I had a similar problem with my 2002 td5, found it was the turbo wast gate actuator stuck a little wd40 a a set of grips got it moving again and now do 70 mph on motorways with no problem.

Worth a look!


Mine 2003 Td5 is pretty much the same as the original posters truck, what does this Turbo Waste Gate Actuator look like, and do you just squirt Wd40 or similar at it and just keep working it with a set of pliers.

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A stock Td5 110 should be able to pull over 80MPH even on Mud Terrain tyres - they do rev a fair amount though. On road tyres it would pass 90MPH when new. With a power upgrade they pull the 1.22 transfer box really well. It should crack 50MPH in 3rd as standard, so 60MPH in 5th should not be a problem!


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