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TDI fuel filter filtration size


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Does anyone know the typical particle filtration size of a TDI fuel filter?. Looking at going for something larger and easier to change after having problems on my project.



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Or if no one knows the answer to that. Think td5 is meant to be about 10 microns... Anyone know if I will have problems running petrol through a diesel fuel filter?


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Petrol may react interestingly with the rubber seals, the gloop used to seal the filter-casing halves etc. used in a filter specified for Diesel.

I remember there were some issues with old designed-for-petrol rubber pipes when the switch was made from leaded to unleaded and various octane-boosting distillates were added to the petrol to compensate for the removed lead. A friend's Triumph ended up with a stinky bootfull of petrol very shortly after he started using "super unleaded" instead of 4* - the fix was to replace all the rubber pipework (which wasn't actually that old) for some rated for unleaded petrol.

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I know what your saying BUT follow me here....

the mahle TD5 filter is a KC80
on that list of cars is also an ALFA ROMEO 33 (905) 1.2 (905.A) which
as the 1.2 only comes in petrol.... so the seals should be fine for petrol?

someone play devils advocate now.....


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