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Watts Test Fail or Not


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so I'm getting undue sway and general unease from the rear end (no bum jokes) and seeing as I've done the shocks, roll bar bushes and drop arms all round, it's got to be the watts. Will the rig at the test centre pick that up or is it just looking for decent damping? From what I've read only genuine bushes are the go and to be honest I need more time to come to grips with another ridiculously priced LR set of parts.

I reckon I know the answer, but you know.... no harm in wishful thinking ;)

I pulled the RR out of the bottom of the garden this week. Resurrection is imminent, thank bejaesus

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Thanks mate. Fairly sure it's toast without even looking at it. Just wondering whether the big shaky jig machine that they put the car on to test the suspension will pick it up, i.e. fail me?

I'm trying to put off €200 worth of metalastic bushe :D

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