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200Tdi issues on S3 conversion - turbo to air box routing. Clutch flex

Chicken Drumstick

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Just wondering what solutions people have come up with to either of these issues:

1. Series clutch cylinder to Tdi/LT-77 slave. The flex hose on the Tdi is metric and seems to be imperial on the Series. I know it's just a matter of getting the right tube nut with the right thread on the right bit of pipe. Just wondering if anyone sells anything or if it's a matter of making something up.

2. Routing from the turbo to the airbox. If the engine is in a forward location rather than back against the bulk head (to make room for LT77). The airbox will be behind the turbo, not in front of it as there is no room.

There isn't much room coming from the front of the turbo between the inner wing, alternator and other bits. Just wondering if anyone has solved this and what they fabricated in the way of pipe work to make it fit.


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My suggestions are for a LHD Series with a 200 tdi from Disco/RR,

  1. This is simple, you can always made a custom flex hose with different thread in each end.
  2. This may took in extra cost (in the case of a 200 tdi from Disco/RR):
    1. Move the alternator to air con position (you will create extra space for the piping)
    2. I strongly believe (can anyone correct me if I'm wrong) that the turbine curl of the 200 tdi turbo can be rotated .
    3. The airbox; LHD series, can be located in right side of the car.

Hope that this description can help you.

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1. The 109 has LT77, its the same slave cylinder as when she had the 4-speed in.

2. I'm not 100% up to speed with what you're describing....everything comes off the front of my 200 turbo? Best answer is a 300TDi turbo and manifolds, that's what I fitted to The 109. Exhaust points straight down nice and easy, feed to the intercooler comes off the nearside and sweeps forward to the 300 intercooler nicely, pipe for the turbo ait intake goes out the back towards the bulkhead, out of the way of the two pipes trying to get to the inlet manifold. She also has PAS so the front of the 200 is essentially as it came out of the disco. The 88 however doesn't have PAS, and the Alternator is mounted in the same position it is in a series, and is directly coupled to the crankshaft and waterpump, not driven by the PAS pump.

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I agree that the 300 tdi manifolds are in theory more interesting, but the turbo exhaust pipe is aligned with the 200 tdi engine mount and that may present some issues.

The 200 tdi exhaust manifold may present some issues in LHD series with the original Steering linkage.

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Use the series slave cylinder. Pipe work then remains all standard series. Clutch fixed.

I clocked the compressor housing round on mine by about 30 degrees, as otherwise the pipe work wants to go right through the inner wing. I use the stock disco air filter which sits over the top of the injector pump and made up some brackets to pick up the bolt holes for the air con compressor.

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Do you mean a lower turbo from a Disco? A flexi pipe from the front of the turbo pointing forward should miss the alternator etc. It can them be routed up to where ever you wish to mount the air box. Mine was on the top of the housing using some fabbed brackets

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