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Misfiriring TD5

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Hi guys,

I am new here and my Defender 2006 bought new has had an easy life in Costa Rica.

It finally developed a fault—stalling after a start and lengthy waits before it would restart. Also a cough when underway accompanied by a big cloud of black smoke.

Blackbox Faultmate came up with : 9-5 turbocharger wastegate open load (logged) plus some stuff on EGR which is not fitted.

As it looked like a fuel feed issue I discovered a yellow relay under the righthand seat which is in the fuel pump circuit. There about 8 of the same relay in the vehicle. Switching it solved the problem, apparently intermittence in this component.



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hi carlos, often the relays develop corrosion on the lugs and then stop working because they don't get proper voltage.

the relays rarely break, first thing I do when one of my TD5's starts problems is pull all relays and scrape off corrosion.

check also loose or broken cables in the small fuse box.

loose or broken wire on the AirFlow sensor (this tends to break off INSIDE the insulation so you can't see the break, usually the thicker brown wire just wherein comes out of the plug on the AF sensor)

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