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putting a 90 back together. ..

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I did a body-off chassis change. It took two of us about a fortnight without rushing it and having never done it before. If you're going to this much effort it is worth considering replacing the chassis if it's completely shot. However, if you ever plan on exporting the vehicle, it is safer to have an original chassis...

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I have bought a new genuine chassis from a main dealer. .. then spent over 250 hrs prepping it and strengthening to my needs with roll cage mounts etc.... all un needed brackets removed. ... and it's now been galvanised. ..

hopefully the build will be smooth as I've done so much preparation. ...

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personally when I rebuilt my one I started on the bulkhead and went forward got it all working and then stuck the back on.. the rear is easy as not much to it... but with a new chassis - I would prob remove all panel and then swap the drive train over first - or even get new axles (rebuilt or whatever) in prep to help move the chassis about. would love to do that again..

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