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Rear Bumper/side Protection


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Does anyone know where you can get rear quarter protectors that are incorporated into the rear bumperette style protectors - that dont cost a fortune!

i am after some HD ones that wrap around the side of the vehcile after coming off the rear crossmember - similar to the d4x4 ones that they build into their rear crossmembers.

i may resort to making some as the prices seem to be ridiculus!

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i dont hit things normally its just trees and earth seem to be attracted to the rover then they hit me. at least my light lenses aren't £30 a set!!! as per the other thread.

i was thinking of something to protect the sides and stop the frail ali skin flapping around and getting caught. i dont really want to reduce the amount i coudl reverse into a bank (or earth) by something sticking out too far so looking for a nice compact design.

i think for £85 i will conside making something bespoke, as for £50 on top of that - forget it

i cant even see them from my seat so i ain'yt paying that much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'll have this custom rear crossmember for sale shortly if your interested.


Made from 5mm and only been on for a couple of months. It goes round the side to protect the rear tub. Sits about 1 inch higher than standard. Only been on for 1 off road trip, decided to do something different to the back of it now :rolleyes:


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i think for £85 i will conside making something bespoke, as for £50 on top of that - forget it

Found this guy on Ebay - protectors look v well made and much much cheaper than from Scapiron. I missed the auction so I emailed him - he makes them up for c.£55.



Land rover rear bumpers to fit defender/90 and will fit 110's without catching exhaust unlike other makes. Made from 6mm plate. protects rear body panel when departing steep slopes and reversing, also protects the rear lights. Chequer plate foot grips. Any questions please ring 07754 957 810.



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