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Freelander2 2010/11

Chris H

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Hello Group

i would appeciate your opinion.

My freelander1 Serengeti td4 2003, (owned for 8years) is not getting

any yonger (like me) so i am thinking of getting a MK2.

I have spent quite a lot of time checking the differance between the two types

(mk1/2) and have come to the decision that they are really differant vehicles

that use the same name (Freelander)

My main concerns are............

Terain Response




these electronic gizmoes are good, i am not doubting them, but i am cocerned

that if they go wrong, what the cost will be to repair, as i guess they are all

electronic and would probably require the Landrover type diagnostic equipment

to find the fault/s. Am i right to view these as inpending problems? or am i worrying

for no reason, bearing in mind that if i am not able to repair myself, my local LR

dealer are charging £70 plus per hour

I am looking for a MK2 around 35/40k miles

What can you tell me. Regards Chris H (Dover Kent)

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I have a 2010 model with none of these gizmos, and can honestly say I don't miss them. Of course it's got traction control and ABS and for normal use that's all you need. Yes, the FL2 is a totally different car from the FL1 - not least because of the extra power output. Towing a caravan (if you're into that) is a joy, not a struggle. The Haldex rear drive system is superb and pretty reliable from 2010 onwards (not so the earlier ones). You'll find a forum dedicated to the FL2 here:


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thanks for info, all understood, am i right in thinking that there was/is a facelift model 2010/Sept onwards which

included the all terain gizmo's (rotary nob in front of gearstick) .......Also better fuel emision's (Tax £180 not £240).

I ask this because i am sure that the bigger emision users, will probably find that their road tax will continue to

climb with time, thanks to the goverments increaseing TAX requirements.

So if i want a FR2 no "gizmoe's) it would be prior to 2010/sept, ( i would probably go for a GS.model) Hope that

makes Sense ?.

Chris H.

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I'm afraid I'm not at all up-to-date on what the changes were, other than that they de-tuned the standard engine to 150hp (it was 158) and offered a 190hp version at vastly more cost. In fact, you can achieve the same power with the 158hp engine with a relatively cheap engine re-map, which is what I plan to do before summer comes. The other forum will give you everything you need to know, plus a lot more!

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