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Running out of fuel


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Just a follow up on the problem I had with the TD5 seems to run out of fuel, diffcult to restart, lots of smoke on restart, and then cuts out again.

New injector loom fitted cleaned red plug no change

New fuel pump fitted no change

New fuel filter and housing with new air bleed valve. no change

New crank sensor fitted no change

New injector washers and seals fitted no change.

The problem turned out to be the fuel regulator I did not change this as some guys on the forum said " there is no need to change the reulator

unless it's leaking" so i asumed mine was ok as no leaks where visible. The guys at my local Land Garage say the the regulator sticks and

looses fuel pressure. So if any one has this problem and looking at the forum there seems to be a few. Check the regulator first, before spending

loads of money on spares that's are not need.

Can I suggest that anyone who has resolved any problems, post the reslts of the fix on the forum, so we can all see what the problem was

and how to fix it.


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