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dodgy brakes

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My brake pedal seems to sometimes work at the normal distance of depression or the pedal travels further in before getting any brakes. I tryed changing the seals in the master cylinder and have used both easy bleed system and pumping the brake pedal and the brakes are still the same.

Anyone have any other suggestions

Thanks Colin

Sorry forgot to say its a defender 90 1999 td5

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Worth checking the metal where the master-cylinder bolts on to the 'dustbin lid' part of the brake-servo: the servo metal is thin and can crack - it then flexes and can allow air in which reduces the vacuum and can cause variations in the way the brake action feels [both the amount of free-travel before any braking happens, and the firmness of the pedal].

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My servo is in gd enough condition so i don't think it would be that. I know that i had to tighten a wheel bearin on the front before its last mot but there is nothing from stoppin the nut from loosening itself off again which i thought was stupid.

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For reference, on the Td5 setup if when you do the nut up to the prescribed torque there is still excessive play, the bearing is worn.

As the bearings will be made to a finer tolerance than the machining of the hub, 999 times out of 1,000 you can just swap them over and reuse the same spacer piece.

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Are all td5 defender axles set up this way?

I ask because I had an SHB hire that they subbed to a small garage - the garage went bump and I was stuck with the hire but no service for it - long story short it needed a wheel bearing and one of my engineers did it to save the hassles of trying to swap the truck.

It was 2 nuts and a tab, maybe the job had been done before by the garage but it was a fairly new vehicle.

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