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Drain and refill the PAS system

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Hi chaps,

While I am underneath changing other fluids I thought I should change the PAS fluid since I've never done anything other than top it up in my 18years of ownership!

I've been through tech archive and surprisingly can't find a "How To" for this.

Is it as simple as opening the pump bleed nipple and draining until the system is empty, then refilling carefully to avoid bubbles and wait until the pump runs clear again, or is there an easy way to drain all the fluid out to ensure the new stuff isn't contaminated before the truck even turns a wheel?

Good quality ATF is the way to go too I guess.


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Think I took the return line off and pumped it into a bucket, you won't get it all out, as some will sit in the bottom of the box, but will get most.

Then top it up, bleeding is supposed to be done with wheels in the air, but I find just turning it lock to lock gets it all out anyways, you will know when, as it goes quiet :)

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