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TD5 main relay chattering - ECU problem?


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I've got 2002 Defender TD5 that won't start. It stopped on me and I couldn't hear the fuel pump running.

So far under the driver's seat, I've discovered corroded connections to the fuel pump relay, glow plug relay and main relay, which I've stripped back and crimped insulated spades to. There was also a blue and purple wire running back behind the fuse box that was corroded and broken at a connector, and I've re-done that. I've got oil in the red plug to the ECU and will replace the injector loom to try and fix that .I also checked the earth under the driver's side door and under the ECU and they're fine.

I had the vehicle running yesterday with no chatter from the main relay, but this morning it's gone again, and no amount of fiddling with the wires will get the relay to stick. When I disconnect the brown and orange wire from the main relay to the ECU, the handbrake light comes on and the temp gauge works, but the fuel pump doesn't - reconnect it and the relay chatters and the handbrake light flickers as does needle on the gauge,

Does anyone know if there another earth I should check? Could I just bypass the relay? I don't really want to crack open the ECU to see if oil has got any further than the plug unless I really have to.

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does your battery have enough charge? the chattering is most often either poor charge or poor earth

maybe after your saga yesterday your battery is a flattery

also check the small fuse box next to the ECU, there is a feed wire which goes into the back of it and comes sharp around a corner, this wire often breaks off where it bends and this is often still in the insulation, so it sometimes touches and sometimes not, a bugger to find if the insulation is still holding it all together and hiding the fault from you

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