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Tube Notcher, a little shoutout for a great product

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Finally after too many cages without a dedicated tool for notching I have finally bought this:


And I'm really stoked, looks very well made and is super easy to use and 100% sturdy whilst sawing.

Here's some pictures of the actual product being tested on the 48x2,5mm tubing I usually use:



So if anyone is in the market for one at a decent price I can highly recommend this one :)

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One thing.... make sure you can easily get your hand off the drill trigger for *WHEN* it catches, spins itself round and you end up in a spaghetti of wiring with a drill motor that's now smoking because you can't turn it off but you have somehow managed to stall it with said spaghetti and maybe your face.

That said, they do work very well :)

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As above.

And don't bother trying to use it with a pillar drill. However well you set it up it will rattle the hell out of your beautiful meddings and at best rattle the MT chuck off the taper or at worse knacker the head bearings. Best technique I've found is mount it sideways in a vice and lean into it with a corded drill.

And lots of cutting oil to preserve saw life.

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I have a Baileigh equivalent of the same which was pretty good value.

The problem with most of these is persuading the drill to run slowly enough. The hole saws normally burn out before they go blunt.

The answer is to buy a Plaster Mixing Drill (eg from Screwfix). Mine cost less than £40 and has a max speed of 300rpm achieved through gearing rather than speed control so it has bags of torque.


I also bought fine pitch hole saws (more like a hacksaw blade) which on the whole don't snatch. Thinking they would not last long, I bought ten 1 3/4" hole saws - however with this combo I'm still using the first after literally hundreds of notches! I suspect I have more than a lifetime supply of them now!

The plaster mixing drill will pay for itself in hole saws pretty quick!


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