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Oooooh I did it again !


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In a previous blurb I told of how my reverse light ceased to work.

Briefly, on removal of the top of the gear box selector block I found that a groove had worn in the gear lever selector block that corresponded to the plunger of the reverse light switch, this little item is obviously not case hardened :angry2:, I removed the block from the box, took out the nylon sleeve and "ball" and filled in the worn groove with silver solder and hand filed it back to the original contour, the reverse light now works. In due time I will obtain a replacement block and case harden it before replacing the existing item.

I reassembled the levers and went for a drive, went from second to third and immediately no drive --- :o

In my haste I'd forgot to re-fit the transfer box selector correctly and engaging third gear the lever kicked the transfer box selector lever into neutral !!

I gained lots of "strange" looks from Toyota and Nissan 4WD owners that drove past :rofl: as I worked on Brutus on the side of the road. A definite case of lack of attention to detail.

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