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'95 V8i Auto Chassis Dimensions / Checks


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I've got a '95 Auto Discovery V8i that has sufffered from front end accident damage. I would like to check body mounts haven't moved much and require some dimensions to check against.

I have been googling for a while but alas haven't found much yet. Has anyone got some checks they can offer up for me to check against? I would also like some idea of what is acceptable, as I appreciate there will have been some tollerance from the factory and then some before the distortion becomes an issue.

Thanks again,


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While useful the Rave manuals I downloaded for the discovery did not detail the chassis dimensions. I was able to look at the Range Rover Classic for the main sill body mounts which was fit for purpuse but I now need information on the heights of the bulk head body mounts and the inner rail mounts just behind the transmission brake.

I am searching on google when I get a chance but most hits are for defenders and series land rovers...

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Yes thanks, I realise the link between the RR Classic and D1.

Here's the diagram normally shown for the RR Classic which shows the width from the centre datum line for the bulk head mounts but not the height from the horizontal datum. The mounts on the inside of the rails (forward of the rear trailing arm mounts) have no dimensions at all.


Downloading the rave link again but I did not see the drawings in the D1 section last time I looked.

The forum has one direct link as follows, but this has the same problem:


Just to be clear I'm not accident checking any more. I want to create a jig.

Edit: Nearly finished downloading your original link...!

Edit: Files need additional installs, or running on software bundled in the zip so can't see that at work. Not sure why that should be the case, shouldn't be necessary.

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Thanks for the screen shot. That doesn't show any dimensions for the centre (inner rail) body floor mount points or heights of the two bulk head mounts.

I'm aware of how to open it I just don't see why portable document files should need an exe to run. I can't run random exe files at work and very slow to trust them at home as you've no idea what they are attempting to do to a windows machine. I'll try to view the pdf files directly from home (linux) when I get a chance.

Edit: Apologies, my previous jig comment was probably a little unclear. I'm not trying to repair the chassis I'm considering making a significant section from scratch. My body conversion based project uses the discovery floor and bulkhead. There is significant repair work required to the floor, footwells, and inner wings and I'm considering fabricating the whole lot with a simple box section and angle frame while hopefully re-using the centre tunnel, pedal asembly, and steering column mount. I will brace the current remains before lifting it all out, but I'd rather trust measurements from drawings for the 8 mount points it will use rather than be confident on 4 of them and reverse engineer the remaining 4 from a chassis I know has had a heavy knock.

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That's all the RAVE has to offer you, I'm afraid. It's the dimensions of the jig LR use to check the body.

And yes, the exe isn't optimal, but many people (including me) have been using this version for years without any ill effects. The PDF version is a lot less handy to navigate through, as it isn't indexed. If you don't trust it, run it in a VM.

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