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Defender Dash

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I noticed when going to fit dash trim..Part 14 in diagram.


That there are no holes in my bulkhead to accept the little plastic clips to hold it in place. I presume my bulkhead must be late td5 as i dont think they had this dash part.

Anyway im going to have to drill some holes in bulkhead and use self tappers. Ive been using stainless fixings where i have been able to wrap with ptfe tape (to avoid galvanic corrosion) but obviously i cant use this on self tappers. So to try and avoid the self tappers corroding in place will i be better to just use normal mild steel screws?

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Can you not use the plastic clips ?

Or alternatively - on my last 90 I pulled mine out to fix a dodgy header and put it back, but left the clips out in case I hadn't fixed the problem - and I ended up leaving it like that for a couple of years. It never moved or creaked or rattled ... With the other trim pieces holding it in place.

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