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New owner/member with some questions.

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Hello everyone. I am a new member and new Land Rover defender owner. I am from Rhode Island in the USA and have been interested in the Land Rover Defender 90 for some time. I purchased a 1986 and just received it. I have a couple questions if anyone could help me.

1. The light switch. How does it work?

2. There's no reverse lights but there is a small light under the chassis in the rear? Is this it and where is the switch located?

3. The front turns and running lights aren't working but headlights seem to in the HST mode only.

Other than that pretty happy so far. Now to get driving and have some fun.




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Welcome to LR4x4 :) Looks like you have got yourself an ex military 90 so the lighting function switch will be different from civilian models.

H = Headlamp

S = Sidelamps

T = Tail

Conv = Convoy [the little light you mention under the rear tub which is designed to shine on the diff cover]

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I would think so, yes, my FFR Lightweight has no reverse light either, can be interesting reversing in the dark! :)

As above for the lighting switch, you will likely only use the two notches to the right, to the left are just for covert ops.

I would check the fuses for the running lights, alternatively that light switch is pretty unreliable IME, and the turn signals not working is likely to be the hazard switch.

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Welcome to the forum! Your landie looks like it's in very good nick.

As you're now driving in permanent four-wheel drive, you'll need to acquaint yourself with the LT230 transfer box; this Ashcroft video is brilliant for gearbox/transfer box info:

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