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A lovely td5 station wagon for 3K? Too good to be true?!? Course it is. No phone number so when you email you get this:


Thank you for your email. As you can see in the photos this Land Rover Defender 110 TD5 is in perfect condition, very well maintained with no issues. It is currently located in Inverness. I had to move here recently because i work as a crane operator and I just signed a contract with an oil rig company.

I'm asking £ 2,200 for a fast sale + £100 for delivery so in case you are interested let me know and i will give you more details.



And if you reply....

Hi again,

As you can see, you'll receive the car BEFORE any money are released to me. You'll get the chance to inspect it, test it and everything you like while your money are safely held in Amazon's account. ONLY after you confirm with Amazon that you agree to keep the caravan, they'll release the money to me.

If for some reason, you won't keep the car (I assure you that is NOT going to happen since my car is in IMMACULATE condition) I will take it back on MY EXPENSE and Amazon will send you your money back.

From the moment you receive the car you have 3 days to inspect it. If it's not like I said or something is not ok with it you can reject it and Amazon will fully refund you and the car will be delivered back to me on my expense.

In order to go ahead i need your address for delivery. Once the transaction is registered Amazon will send you all the info regarding payment and shipping.




Notice how one of the lines mistakenly states caravan instead of car? Anybody else smell a pikey?!?

This ad was listed about 2am and removed by 9.30 hopefully because donedeal were on the case, not because some idiot fell for it!

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Maybe bump this post every now and again to keep it up top until the stammers get bored and try something more creative. Copy/paste this on other forums if you think it's worthwhile.

Cheers all, Rowan

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All too common I'm afraid. I often see adverts for cars on Gumtree that are blatant scams.

Telltale signs: Ridiculously cheap, no phone number, random looking email address on one of the images, mistakes in the description, other adverts of a similar vein at the same location.

I just hope nobody is stupid enough to send money for a car they have never actually seen.

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Seen two of these typ adds in the last week, 1 for a Van and our for a Camper. Booth said they would deliverer but I found that you only need to ask one question.

I would like to send round the RAC or AA to inspect, no reply and adds are removed.

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The type of payment descibed is generally called an escrow where a third party holds money till a transaction completes, in the legitimate world it is not uncommon in transations involving custom made stuff, for the seller it proves the buyer actually has money before he commites to spending money manufacturing stuff which might have no other buyer and for the buyer if the seller doesn't forfill the requirements or goes under during production there money is safe, so it can work well and is normally accompanied with lots of legal agreements and terms for when money is handed over etc.

It is not common in smaller sales and there are various fake companies which pretend to be and escrow service but aren't, any money transfered in is gone. I would very much avoid any transaction like this for anything unless you know what you are doing and have legal advice.

As always anyone not wanting to deal face to face is suspect, asking to send an AA or RAC inspector round for a check as Frax advices is a good idea and will weed out most scams.

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Another tip is if you are using google chrome as your web browser you can normally right click on the picture included with the advert and 'search google for this image'. The pictures are normally stolen from elsewhere on the internet and this will often (but not always) show up where they came from quickly.

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