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110 Engine/Transferbox position

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As you probably seen from an earlier post, I am looking to replace the chassis on our 110 N/A diesel.

I have come across a repairable Td5 one and plan to fit that.

I realise that the engine mounts will probably need to be removed but just remembered reading somewhere that the transferbox is in a different place in different versions of engines. Is the Td5 transferbox in a different position to that of the N/A diesel?

Would there be any advantage in keeping the Td5 position? I assume I would need to get different props to that of what I already have.

If I decided to go back to the N/A position if different, would I also need to change the Td5 crossmember?

Also I was planning to use the original rear tank. Could this be fitted to the Td5 chassis fairly easily?

Are they any other differences that I have missed?

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If you are in the UK, using a second hand chassis means the identity of the donor chassis is carried with it! Couple this with the points system means you are very likely to need an IVA, which is costly and time consuming.

Far better to buy a new galved chassis and go with that.

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