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Using Heated Rear Screen As Aerial?


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There used to be a signal amplifier or similar around a few years ago, I used one om my car and it worked fairly well, IIRC the 2nd generation RR's use a similar item on the right rear side window.

Found this in EPC radio antenna amplfier AM/FM part number AMR3323 & lead XUD100570 other than a main dealer, I'm not sure where you'd get these from.

have a look on Maplin site, they may have something similar :D

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On the Discovery the aerial is a separate element, same idea (a thing printed on the window) but doesn't use the same bit. Not sure what would happen if you fed 12V into the radio input when the HRW was switched on!

I'll bet you could pick up Radio Iceland :) :) :)

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I think that you'll find that most current cars use a seperate element for the aerial - my last Volvo V70 had one on the rear-most passenger side window in the boot area....probably tells you something about mixing it with heater electrics [The new Discovery uses the same approach, surprise, surprise]. Don't recall the first generation items [1970s] being very clever at all, certainly not up to hifi FM.

On a Saab 9000 I had the antenna was part of the electric heating element, but to prevent the antenna signal being emitted when power is supplied to the electric heating element, a filter was fitted in the antenna amplifier to block the antenna signal. On the ground side of the heating element was an antenna filter which blocked the antenna signal from ground. Reception in the Saab was not that good in many areas on weaker stations.

The HRW has to act as a tuned dipole to produce a decent signal....can't see that LR would have taken this into account at all.

Had you thought of using one of those helical coil short springy Bosch antennas, set back at angle, that Golfs and Astras have as standard? They come with a built in amp, IIRC, and there should be plenty at the scrappers. Should withstand a reasonable clout if left on - antenna part designed to be unscrewed for car washes.

However, if that's what you want to do, here's how to get the part from a scrapped Sierra......clicky aerial instructions.


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Cheapest thing you can do is find someone who has an old RRC one lying about. A lot of people don't know what they are and there is not a lot of call for them second hand.

I had the BiFi on an SD1 I had, worked OK but not any better than the Rangie one.

Try a post on the RR forum for Simon_CSK or Stephen, they are bound to have at least one lying about. Pretty sure I have a spare but won't be home for a month or so otherwise you could have it for postage.

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