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Have i made a booboo??


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What size tyres you gonna be running? 33 and over then, yes you might well have done, although the 4.6 will have more poke to gain speed quicker than my 200 Tdi :( the Disco Tbox will give better economy and less noise cruising on the highway but if you're manual it might be the same ball ache as I've found running 33" with a 1.2 Tbox.

Hope that hasnt muddied the water too much :rofl:

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Yep what Bowie says.

I will be running 35's, and because i already have a freshly rebuilt transfer box i didnt want to mess with that. Therefore i will need to go 4.7 cw&p's.

In short yeah, you went the wrong way. Big top speed though...........eventually

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+1 on the above posts from Bowie and N4S

regarding diff ratios.

HFH did a gear ratio calculator table somewhere

Having spoken to Nige,

Im running a 4.6 with 1,4 transferbox on 35's

and Nige recommended using 4.75 c&ps

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