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Insa Turbo Special Track


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Got the Insa Turbo's at last having ordered them in about August :rolleyes:

There have been a few queries on them on here, they are basically a Simex Centipede clone but a remould and made in Spain. Mine are 265/75R16 but they are a little oversize to say the least! Here are the three sets I now have, from left to right

265/75R16 BFG MT

265/75R16 Special Tracks

33x12.50R15 BFG MT


The IT's are a little bigger even than my 33x12.50's so must be a good 33" overall though I didn't measure the diameter. Tread width (footprint) is 9.5" against about 8.2" for the BFG 265's and only about 10" for the "12.50's" so they ought to bite quite well :)

First impressions. Erm, a bit noisy :blink: a subterranean rumble at about 25mph rising to a Simex wail at about 50mph, don't think they will make any inroads into ground-breaking NVH technology :unsure:

Moulding quality seems good apart from the "seam" around the inside of the tread which looked very wobbly, but there are no vibrations through the steering wheel so they must be pretty well balanced as I've not had the wheels balanced, only fitted them this afternoon.

Haven't tried them seriously yet but a quick spin around the local area in the dry and they seem to stick like sh&% to a blanket for climbing etc.

Seem to look the part too :D


Will be interesting to see how they shape up against regular MT tyres but I have a feeling they could be quite good :) apart from the noise :wacko:

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A couple of guys on Mud Club forum have been using them since August and rate them highly, especially when they are ~60 +vat a piece.

All say they are very noisy, wonder if they are more than Simex :ph34r: , and they are skttish in the wet. Sounds like Simex where they follow the tread patterns under braking.

As for grip they all rate them, and as the tread pattern is so similar to Simex I'm not surprised.



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Bah, I have been diddled by BFGoodrich :angry:

my "33x12.50R15" are actually a whisker under 32"! The Insa's are about 32.3" and the BFG 265's are about 31".... I wonder if I could sue BFG for the missing inches :rolleyes:

Jim, got p&^$ed off with rusting steel wheels in our salty island atmosphere a few years ago, alloys not only look nicer they are less work! And I now have two sets, neither of which cost me very much :)

Like the G&T holder idea, will have to look in to that ;)

I drove AJL's 110 in Wales 2004 laning trip, which had Simex fitted, and I would say they were about the same on tarmac noise-wise and similarly rather vague handling. Not sure one would fit them to one's Caterham, if one had a Caterham.

I bought them in the expectation that they will fall to bits in time, as I have yet to see a remould that doesn't fall to bits on our roads, but we'll see - the price was quite good but maybe you get what you pay for!

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i bought a set of them approx 2 months ago,have since covered about 700+ miles on them,best thing ive fitted to my 90 so far,wish i had bought them when they first came out

Yup, me too, I too have had them about 4 months and covered about 800 road miles and about 20 days off roading with them.

They are soooo much better than the grizzely claws they replaced, but kin noisy on the road.

Why did they take so long to arrive? I just went to Paddocks and picked up 5, they must have had 200 in stock.

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:D I was thinking of the Insa torbo dakar for my 90. From the pictures they look like BFG Muds, any body tryed these, my local tyre people have never heard of them. Also for what they cost I mite as well go up to 135,s as per padocks advert.


That would be

Paddocks ain't exactly down the road :rolleyes::lol:

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Steve, I'll be interested to hear how you get on, especially on the really boggy stuff as they tend to dig :P

Aye. But I have hydraulic power B)

If nothing else it could produce some decent photos :lol:

Jon, a contact on the inside who shall remain nameless says that there might be other sizes in the future though he was a bit vague on when!

After 24 hours I'm not sure I can live with the noise/handling as a day to day set of wheels, but if they make a 33x12.50R15 I'll be getting a set for my "going up boggy mountains" tyres without a second thought :)

I could probably sell them for what they cost with no trouble anyway, if I wanted to get BFG's again, a few people have gone "oooooo like the look of them"

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