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changing the clutch on a 200tdi disco...


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the clutch in my old mans 200tdi disco has finaly given up, i think the release bearing has colapsed as its been rattling for ages. :(

we're going to change it, but am not quite decided as to the best way to go about it....

we've got an engine crane, and a reasonably well equiped workshop (well, its got lights, doors and a concrete floor...) so i'm thinking take the engine out/ move it forward. <_<

i don't fancy scratching about underneath shunting the gearbox back, i'm a fairly big bloke, and so is the old man, so we'd be a lot happier standing up.

what i want to know is... has anyone done it like this? was it a nightmare? can you get to all the bellhousing bolts ok? is there enough room to just drag the engine forward once the rad is removed, or does the engine need to be completely removed..?

removing the engine looks fairly straightforward, just methodically remove everything that 'attaches' the engine to the rest of the vehicle, and lift..... :rolleyes:

any tips, hints or advice would be much appreciated... i don't realy want to get involved, but he did give up a few weekends doing jobs on my disco earlier this year, so its the least i can do realy.........


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If you are going to remove the engine, then remove the rad/intercooler (oil will run out of the oil cooler section onto the chassis - close to the steering box).

Once you have attached the crane - remove the engine mountings so that the engine can be lowered, therefore getting room enough to undo the top bell housing bolts. There are only 3 that are hard to get at, and the rest can be undone from underneath with relative ease. Make sure you tie the fuel pipes high up, or they will self-syphon fuel all over the place. I've never done it this way, but I doubt its particulalrly difficult.

Les. :)

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ive only done the job from underneath. you can get to all the bellhousing bolts ok, i find i need the following to get to the top three

socket - UJ - 6" extentsion - UJ - 12" extentsion - rachet

the good thing about the 200 bellhousing is you pick the right 'slot' between the ribs & it guides the socket right on to the nut everytime.

you probably already know this but fit a reinforced clutchfork at the same time.

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FWIW I did my Disco 200's. Started by dropping the engine forward which with an o/head hoist was pretty straightfwd. BUT, got totally bogged down trying to remove those top bellhousing nuts and ended up dropping the gearbox down to get at them (seemed the only way at the time). From there I ended up just pulling the gearbox back and did the job ok but next time I'll not bother tring to get the engine out first.

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i did posting ages ago where i did it with a crane and took the box off.

Top tip - make sure you use decent straps to support the box.

I haven't had a tdi engine out or forward, but I think you will still be doing the hard work of getting the bell housing bolts undone from underneath, and guiding the box on (despite me thinking it was gonna kill me) is probably easier than guiding the engine on.

When I do the defenders clutch I plan to move the box back or drop it down (probably the latter, I think the input shaft oil seal has gone)

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