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Newbury Nickers!


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Hi All,

Our family ride is a 03 Discovery 2 TD5 which we love - my main spanner time is spent with my 95 110 MOD Defender but I need some help on the D2.

Went to the Newbury Land Rover Spares day yesterday in said Disco - had a lovely time as always with two mates - wish we had brought a trolley again!

On returning to my Disco, and loading the goodies into the boot - we were gob smacked to find that some not nice person had unscrewed some after market light guards off both the rear light clusters on the vertical pillars either side of the boot - gone - lenses just sitting/hanging there no screws and 120 miles to drive home!


After much gasps and queries and then checking for the hidden Candid Camera - we had to improvise - on going back into the show and buying some black Duck Tape we taped the outside of the lenses to the truck!

Nothing else was gone - why the hell someone thought it was worth the grief - and why there - never had anything nicked before and in a sea of Land Rovers!

Anyway - the real pain in the bum is I need to source the original screws - can't find the part number or size of the normal screws that go into the light clusters - not replacing the protectors - just want to be able to screw my lights back in and remove the tape and the mess it has undoubtedly left on my paint work.

If anyone can help with the size I would be very grateful - I will try and source from a local Nut/Screw merchant.

Will have to leave one of the kids in the Truck next time we go!



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Absolute bar-stewards....

It might be worth ringing the bloke at Disco Breakers - he has a huge presence at Newbury (they have the hugely lifted D3 and the stand by the main vehicle entrance) and I would imagine are pulling light clusters out on a regular basis.

He's not known for his generosity, but for the cost of some postage and a sob story might just fire some into a jiffy bag for you.

Just a thought - hope you get sorted.

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to save you big headaches the best way to remove duck tape without a) damaging your paint and B) spending hours removing the goop is to use a hot air gun or hair dryer to soften the glue, peel off and the use white spirit to remove to goop left over.

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