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Brake booster questions

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I am trying to figure out which brake booster I have on my LHD 1983, 110

was a 2.5 NA diesel which was later converted to V8efi.

I can hear a slight hissing when I switch off and I assume the vacuum is not being held properly.

need to know how to take the vacuum hose and fitting off as I think the leak is there.

how far can these boosters be taken apart and refurbished?

here some pics.


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That's the early type, small diameter & deep front to rear, later servo is much bigger diameter & thinner, plus the master cylinder studs see offset on the later servo, yours is the same servo as my 1989 110, easier to swap it for a new servo, the pipe can be replaced as can the plastic non return valve.

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Yes that's the one, looks to be in the same orientation as mine. to remove the hose just use pliers to squeeze the clip ends together & ease it off the non return valve [NRV, THE NRV is just a push fit in the servo case & can be replaced on it's own.examine the hose for splits as well.


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Western, thanks for the pics and info, I have another question about brakes that arises from another post you made.

you said you drive a Td5 90 for work, are the brakes on the Td5 noticeably sharper (is the brake pedal softer to press?) than on your 110?

my Td5's are in Bots and my old V8 in Germany and I definitely think the V8 brake pedal is MUCH harder to press and get the same effect as the Td5

I know the TD5 will have the newer vented disks and surely will brake better but I don't think the brake pedal force should be much higher?

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ok sorry, must have gotten confused about the driving Td5 story.

I have disks on back I just think my pedal requires more force than it should to brake effectively.

but now that I know which servo to refer to i can order the bits.!


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