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LT95 Overdrive Oil Leak


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I am experiencing a small persistent oil leak from the Fairey overdrive on my LT95 box. Symptoms:

- When the box is cold, there is no leak

- Once up to driving temperature (therefore possibly connected to viscosity ?), there is a slight leak which appears to be coming from where the actuating rod enters the O/D casing

- Every time I change the O/D in or out, a spray of droplets is emitted (covers the handbrake drum, the back of the 110, any trailer and presumably the windscreens of following vehicles)

- Rate of loss isn't massive - less than a pint from the T Box (from which the O/D is splash lubed) every 3,000 miles

There doesn't seem to be any obvious way of effectively fitting any sort of seal to prevent this.

Has anybody experienced this ? Is there a solution that works ?

More widely, any ideas for a cure ?


(Also posted on the Defender forum, but 110 V8s with LT95 boxes are pretty rare nowadays so posted here in the hope of catching early RR Classic expertise)

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