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What is the difference between a 200tdi and 300 tdi turbo?


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Jeff - is it a discovery 200 turbo you've got ? I have one spare if it was..

Yup, well I wouldn't actually describe it as a 200 Tdi at the moment, more like a 150Tidi... Mind you I did find out that you can get two Disco axles a fuel tank and two front doors in the load area with the seats folded down and still achieve 38 mpg! I'll get those window bits in the post Tuesday.

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Gotta cure the rotten axles first, doing an Exxon Valdez from both axles! Rotten along the welds on the axle tubes and as the engine crane is having a bit of a "moment" I can't get the axles out of the back of the Disco on my own as they are kinda well and truly meshed together, oh don't ya just love Landcover products... at some point I will have the turbo (actually that should read at some point I will have to) , mines sorta working, most of the time and there's not much smoke, but the whine is beginning to gets right on my mammaries.

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