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Door problems (again....)


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I recently just purchased a 1982 Series 3.

After ordering some parts that needed to be replaced included door seals. I purchased the one piece defender seals along with a full new set of hinges.

Before purchasing the car I noticed thatthe both drivers and passengers door doesn't sit inline with the rear tub, common problem since reading up about it.

However,both doors did shut properly and held in place. What has got me is once replacing the hinges on the passenger side I adjusted the hinges to try line up the door with the tub and now after spending a day on trying to get the door to close properly, closest I have come is the door fully shutting and getting into the larger part of the striker plate but to open the door you really need to pull back on the handle, where as before it would open once the handle was pulled up to the top.

I have tried basically everything, shifting the striker plate, grinding out the holes etc.

I know its not a huge deal but I'm just completely stumped and want a freely opening door again Arrow

Update: they now pop onto the small catch when driving

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It wil probably be the new seals. Did you remove all of the rivets holding in the old seals and grind back the flange on the seal mounting? If not, the 180degree bend in the hard part of the seal will be pressed hard against the front edge of the door, trying to push it open, and around the rest of the door creating friction.

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I had the same problem, tried everything but nothing seemed help it! it was so frustrating. In the end i tried my chances at a land rover garage and they managaed to sort it, if your around the essex area i definetly recommened you pay Broadfields a visit they'll tell you what exactly is causing it for free or they'll do it for you, it wasn't too pricey. Good Luck

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