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Bleeding Defender Brakes

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I have a 1999 TD5 Defender 90 CSW with ABS/TC.

I have got to change the Shuttle Valve and the Master Cylinder on my truck this weekend. On completion I have to power bleed the Brake System and I have a Hawkeye to help me.

Is there anyone out there who can provide me a step-by-step guide to bleeding the brakes, as I haven't done this before.

If we could assume I have changed the Shuttle Valve, I have an new empty Resoviour, and I the Hawkeye is attached to the truck.

Any guides or tips anyone can give will be much appreciated.

All the Best


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I've just changed the ABS modulator on my 2003 TD5 110 which obviously introduced lots of air into the system. I don't have a Hawkeye but the Delphi diagnostic software I used to bleed the brakes tells you exactly what to do at every stage - I assume the Hawkeye will be similar.

The sequence was as follows:

Modulator / master cylinder ( run cycle until no more bubbles appear in reservoir)

Front Nearside wheel

Front Offside wheel

Rear Offside wheel

Rear Nearside wheel

Ideally you need two people - one to operate the device, the other to open/close the bleed valves on each wheel caliper. I used approx 1.5 litres of fluid to bleed the whole system - take care to top up the reservoir after each step. I bought some silicone tubing off evilbay (approx 6-8mm inside diameter) to help collect the old fluid in an old jam jar.

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