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Primer after using Mordant solution

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I'm planning on painting my new galvanised chassis, it has been stood in the shed for about 2 years now and although the new shiny galvanised finish has faded I think I still need to T wash it - comments please.

Assuming I do t wash it can I just use some red oxide primer or does it still need to be etch primed?

question for others who have used mordant solution, roughly how much is needed to do a 90 chassis.



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They say if your going to put an additional finish on something that's been hot dipped it should be done as soon as possible, within a few days. I would've thought anything you can do to cut back the 'loose bits' and remove any grease will help. I would just use a standard metal primer.

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When you use t wash/mordant solution the Galv will go black , you then rinse it off with water , once dried I suppose you would treat it like a normal(ungalved) piece of steel

My 110's chassis after 'T' wash, then rinsed with clean water & dried, I had some Repaint coach paint primer so used that as my primer coat, then vehicle chassis black [see .pdf attachment] bought from a local motor factor.

the primer was a Jenolite repaint product, it's tin was like the tin of carnival red below but labeled 'primer ' seems to have done the job well. bought in halfords ages ago, not seen this particular paint since.







Chassis Black October 2012.pdf


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Do not use red oxide. The current version bears no relation to the version 40 years ago.

My understanding is like Ralph. After mordant solution wash off with water and use a primer.

I am not sure that etch primer works better than other primers on steel( which has already been acid pickled).

Maybe someone in the trade can enlighten us.


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