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Power steering cooler – pre or post pump?


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I’ve just fitted a 10 row power steering cooler to my rear engine Tomcat. I’ve fitted the cooler on the lower pressure side between the reservoir and the power steering pump.

Since fitting the cooler and starting the engine the pump make's a horrendous sound and the reservoir overflowed.

The symptoms lead me to believe the cooler is restricting the flow to the pump. Is this just down to fitting to smaller cooler or should I have plumbed the cooler between the steering box outlet and reservoir?




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As above, the pump is cavitating, and as above between the steering box and reservoir, you need to cool the oil after its used for its job and before it goes into the reservoir.

Nice cooler, you also increased the volume of the oil, so there is more to go around and will last longer.

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where the cooler is fitted has had no relevance to what happened when you started , eg overflow etc , as you have aerated your fluid , its just a question of how you go about starting and filling , short run/operation to bleed the system and then stand to allow separation

the cooler should definitely be on the return line , as will not be rated for line pump to box pressure

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