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Sill channel ?

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Are the sill channels the galvanised bits that sit above the sill and are visible when you open the door ?

I'm think of fitting some rock sliders and was just looking at a parts book page to see how many brackets are there and saw the sill channel listed ..

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no the alloy sill & the floor plates/seatbox cover most of them, only the upper outer corner would be visible.

the sill channel is the sideframe of the body between bulkhead & rear body, so not a part that can be removed or you'll end up with a wobbly body.

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basically a U channel upside down that goes from the firewall mounting bolts to the back bulkhead. if you have station wagon or crew cab the B post bolts onto (or I think is welded on) to this channel.

DONT mount your rock slider onto this channel, it is only about a 2mm thick, 25x40mm (thumbtack) channel, you slide one rock mounted on that channel and your door won't open anymore. rather pull angle iron or similar off your chassis outriggers.

the numpty's I bought my V8 from had the wonderful idea of welding angle iron to the chassis (YAY!! joy!!) which I then had to cut off and clean up VERY nicely so the TÜV didn't have a wobble...

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