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Bad burning smell Glow Plugs!!!

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Burning smell. Guys I've had this burning smell when out and about in the Defender, so today I thought I would investigate it, the picture shows what I've found, this is the 100Amp glow plug fuse, now this problem has been with me for about six months now, truck is only used occasionally, so has the collective got any idea why this is happen, I'm guessing that the glow plugs are not switching of, but surely I would have a light on in the dash to tell me this, and I've not. any help would be most appreciated.



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Thanks for the reply Boydie but not to sure that's the problem, no mater how long the journey is this burning smell still keeps coming and going, I would have thought that the glow plugs would only be on before starting,

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remove the glowplug relay & see if anything changes with the unwanted smell, the glowplug light is on the timer side, but glowplugs are still suplied with power until the relay drops out, maybe the relay is holding on for to long.

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Update to this problem in case it helps any one else, Boydie you where spot on old chap, the power feed in to the fuse box was lose , so the 4X4 specialist have told me, and it just cost me a small mortgage to get it fixed, but no more burning smell.

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