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200TDI Injector Pump Banjos

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Hey All,

I've just had my Defender 200TDI FIP overhauled and it looks great but unfortunately it's come back missing a couple of banjo bolts. I've tried looking at the parts guides but I'm struggling to find a clear answer of what size/part number they might be.

I think it has a total of 3 banjos in all, 2 larger ones and one on the pipe that goes to the turbo.

I think the turbo banjo might be ERR886 but I'm missing the one closest to the front of the pump and I'm not sure what size/part number it is. I do have the larger banjo towards the back of the pump but I seem to remember this might be slightly different to the front one.

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I think I might have to do that western. I was just hoping if it was easy and cheap I could avoid some hassle and get a couple of new bolts. Unfortunately it's proved more difficult than I thought to be sure which part number they are, especially as the big ones are different as mentioned.

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Looks likely to be those 2 you've listed and luckily it is the inlet one I'm missing. I'll give the place a ring on Tuesday and see if I can get my bolts back as I won't be able to work on it until the weekend anyway so no rush.

My 110 is dangerously close to working after an absolute mountain of jobs so it's a bit of a shame to be stopped by a couple of bolts!

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