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Short trip to Lesotho


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Courtesy of 2 public holidays, I took 3 days off work and we went on a short/quick trip to the Mountain Kingdom :thumbsup:

Itinerary was as follows: we went up Sani Pass, then through to Katse Dam, and finally a couple of nights at Semonkong:


Total distance covered: approx 3400 km

Avg speed: 106 km/h

Avg fuel consumption: 10.758 l/100km

pics to follow...

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The most amazing road we drove: from Roma to Semonkong. Elevation changed from 1663m to 2985m in 60km. Some of the sections required 2nd gear to get up and down.

Not a road for a Defender, more suited to a turbo sports car ;)





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Landy did not come away unscathed though :(

Hit a large pothole doing around 110kmh and impact was big enough to trigger the accident switch. Started drifting left after that, I think something is bent.

I suspect the thermostat is stuck in open, coolant temps were very low even when driving in 34C heat with aircon on. And as soon as I tapped off, the coolant temps dropped very quickly. Even when going steep uphills in 2nd, coolant never went above 87C, normally it gets to 89C on my 6km daily commute.

Clutch is definitely on its way out - rattle was very noisy while going downhill on compression.

I also suspect the gearbox output/intermediary shaft(?) is fubar - getting in/out of 3rd in low range was hit and miss, and going from 5th to 6th is also grinding a bit.

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Ah, didn't look at that pic properly eh :blush: ...and me an Engineer as well.....

How old is the project and how much water does it hold back ? any cool pic's of the inner workings?

Great pic's Naks



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