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changing 110 csw rear panels to utility ones

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Hi, I want to change the rear glazed panels on my project 110 csw to the unglazed ones like on a utility. Does anyone know if the 90 van sides are the same size as the rear panels on a 110 csw ? Or if they are different is it possible to cut 110 van sides down to correct length ?

cheers Ian

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^ did you replace any of the seals too? Or cut down the sean near the second row door?

My panels are at the bodyshop being painted, want to ensure i have all the bits before embarking on the swap!

Also did you find an interior trip to fit instead of the big piece that surrounds the sliding windows (houses the seatbelt etc)

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I did mine a few years back.

The seal lips need modifying to take one piece door seals.

Worth replacing the seals at the roof and waist as they're quite cheap, use the correct ones for whatever panels you use. Mine came from an 88" hardtop.

It's possible to refit the interior trim but it's not straightforward as it needs some trimming.

I lined the sides with hardboard covered with self adhesive carpet first.


I then added some cargo net.

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There are 3rd party trims you can get if you want a 'factory' look - I know MudUK do them, maybe Simmonites too? - they look basically like your regular interior trim but with blanks moulded in where the windows would sit. Looks nice but not the cheapest solution by any means. Also if you're going utility there's probably a reason: you might be chucking lots of (sharp/dirty/oily/wet/growly/ delete as appropriate) stuff in the back - so the mdf and carpet solution might be easier/more hard wearing?

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