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My 2001 P38's Speedo has stopped working and the rev counter has become intermittent. The central locking locks fine but the unlocking is intermittent. The faults occured after the positive on my radio popped out and grounded. After replacing the fuse these fault remain so would appreciate some guidance.

I have asked on the RR forum but no results so I thought I would throw it out to the wide audience

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Does the radio work after replacing the fuse?

What fuse was there? If it was too big some wiring could have been damaged before it blew.

Unless theres a known solution that someone knows, i think you will have to open up and inspect. Trace the voltage to the speedo etc.

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Not sure if the P38 was technically advanced enough (only 9 computers LOL) but the iso loom for the radio on newish cars has a speed sense input pin. Technically the faster you go the louder the radio gets, and vice versa.

Can you remove the radio and try the speedo? as Hoss says is the radio working?

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