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Another 'noise' thread

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Please bear with me, this is a saga, but I will not give in.

1991 110 200TDi.

Had Turner short motor fitted 2 months ago, was driving like a dream..


Started making a grinding noise in 3rd 4th and 5th under load, not under over run.

Popped it into recommended local specialist and he diagnosed lack of oil in the transfer box. Topped it up and all the noises went away. He recommended that he fit a replacement box and happened to have a good used Disco 1 box available. I had always fancied the longer ratios, and since the uprated intercooler and associated tweeks, I felt the engine would cope with the longer ratios and I would get slightly better economy.

However, the Disco box made all the noises come back. The specialist removed the Disco box, refitted my own and fitted a new UJ as it was rusty. (My guess is he broke it changing the box)

Now the car is again quiet under load, but there is a horrible grinding on the over run.

Going for a crawl under on Sunday to look for anything obvious. Will check the diff oil levels as well as both boxes, but would welcome any other ideas. The grinding can be felt through the floor so I am thinking a prop not seated correctly or even something catching on torque reversal.



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The first test is to drive with each of the propshafts removed one at a time and in diff lock, to see if the noise goes.

I would suspect a UJ first as they commonly wear. If the rusty UJ you replaced was the only bad one, then it could be the diff pinion bearing

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Just a thought, the front prop shaft, it should have the UJs at about a 30 degree angle - not in alignment (check the RAVE manual) if they have been put in alignment that could well be your problem

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