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DISCO 1 HVAC control


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Newly acquired 1995 RRC. A/C is ice cold, but the control panel switch is having issues. The air speed slide must be in just the right spot, or it will not blow at all.

Is this indicative of needing a new A/C control panel like show? (Looks like a Disco I shares the same unit)

Is this a nightmare to remove and reinstall?

Thank you!


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I don't recall the internal arrangement of that but it isn't hard to start to get off. As far as I recall (last one I took out was at least 10 years ago) you pull the three knobs off and the retaining screws for the front panel are behind them. I'm not absolutely sure if you can then get to the switch or whether you need to take the whole black centre panel out but as I remember the other fixing screws are in behind the ash tray and coin tray, and in the radio aperture (so you'd need to take the radio out). Photos of some of the stages of removal are in the alarm spider thread here:


The fan slider itself is probably just a carbon track or something basic, and has almost certainly just worn out. It's the same as a Discovery 1 and I think even the basic Discovery 2 models (the ones without climate control) so should be easy to source.

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The radio need to come out as it is access to some of the screws that hold the panel in, then the slide knob and 3 dials come off, 2 screws are behind them, the centre console needs to be removed to give access to 2 retaining screws under the panel.

Once you have the panel off you have access to the switch, the slide fan switch is a separate component

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