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Cross Continentals V Mud Campaigners

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It seems that we dont like Continental Cross Contact tyres - just judging from the numbers of 'new Take-Offs and various negative comments on facebook?

Why is this?

Does anyone have any direct experience that would merit their bad reputation?

Im getting a bit weary of my 255 85 Mud Campaigners for everyday commuting so for someone wanting a road tyre what would you recomend? specifically I need good breaking / stopping on tarmac,

how would the BFGoodrich TR compare to the Continental Cross Contact tyre now seeming being fitted by JLR as standard?


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I've only ever seen good feedback for them, what sort of negative views have you seen? There are a lot of new take offs around because people buy a new Defender and then change the tyres because they want it to look like some sort of monster truck.

I have a set on my 90, they work very well both on and off the road and I am very pleased with them. My only gripe is that I seem to have pretty much worn them out in less than a year and just 25,000 miles. When I've asked other people they have said I should be getting double that if not more so I can only presume it's the nature of the conditions I'm using the vehicle in that has caused them to wear out prematurely.

The alternatives I suppose include the General Grabber TR (previous standard factory fitment for 235/85) or moving up one level to an all-terrain tyre like the BFGs or General AT2.

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That's a very helpful answer - Thank you, Having posted I thought I should check my sources - and discovered that most of the negativity was from the USA - so I'll investigate, bit mainly they don't seem to like Continental full stop

I'd like my 110 to look less like a Monster Truck so I might take advantage of the 'new Take-offs'

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I have them and love them as my road tyre, also good in snowy conditions.

IMHO handle better than these other tyres I have had; BFG MT, BFG AT, Avon range masters, hankook RT01, HANKOOK RT03, Pirreli scorpion MUDs and many other knobbilys.


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How do the cross contacts compare noise and economy wise compared to BFG KM2s?

Got 255 85 KM2's on the 110 at the moment and and motorway speed they hum a lot (even compared to the rest of the noises a 110 at 70 makes!!)

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