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Headlight adjuster screws

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Thanks Ralph

It's not electric adjustment - just the level switch for towing

What I was looking for is in the box labeled 9 - as part of STC1614.

Except a search for that doesn't reveal the same as is fitted to mine....

I'll have a think.

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No to STC1614,

item 9 in the first link BHM7058L for manual adjusters, will be the same on load levelling fitted lights, 2 per headlight, one at top & other on one side. they usually come pre-fitted to new headlight bowls,

not normally a item that gets replaced until the metal bowl rusts away.

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They are a bit different - plastic bowls and three mounts - two either side (at 3 and 9 o'clock) and the electric one at the bottom (6 o'clock).

I'll see if I can get a picture, but a bit like the longer ones here:


Except it's a countersunk machine screw, with a washer, some sort of nylon/rubber spacer, and then a locking washer to hold the bezel at the front of the screw.

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