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Help with indicator relay alternative ?

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Hi all,

In the bigerewire-a-thon I have found that I have a humungous Indicator relay as in pics ??



I seem to recall that this type maybe for the LR having towing electrics (which mine does not ) and that for just ordinary indicators I can / could fit a "Nonmal" sized induicator relay ??

Anyone help / part number etc ??

Just that its so Ferkin big lid won't fit over new fuse / relay box lol !!

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Its a towing relay yes. Just get another with the same number of pins. Try VWP. But they are all usually quite tall.

Only exception is if you have LED lamps, then you will need an electronic one.

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same as mine it's meant to live on bulkhead side of fuesbox metal panel mounted sideways. it'll still operate with no towing electrics fitted.

it also supersedes previous units, see the s/s numbers under description.


non towing electrics version is a 2 pin round thing http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/93242/0/flasher_unit_2_pin_s111_def

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