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rebuilt differential

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It *should* do. The shims are put in to cater for differences in the harder to machine casing. The bearings should always be the same, so when it comes to changing them, the diff won't have changed (unless it's had an accident) the pinion won't have changed (likewise) the new bearings will be the same size as the old (when they were new) and the case shouldn't have changed.

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Depends what you're trying to do. Changing the bearings only requires a case splitter to get the old diff out and back in, no changing of shims should be required.

Thanks for replies and please excuse my relative ignorance on this topic.

I have acquired a (free) axle of unknown provenance, I want to upgrade this to disk brakes to fit to my 200tdi 110. Don't really want to go down the road of converting/ refurbing the rest of the axle to find the diff is goosed. No experience of working on a diff so not sure what i would look for when I got the thing out of the case!

Is it still possible to get the bearings?

Can i get the tool required to free the diff from the case or would a local engineering firm be able to do this?

Thanks Mark

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Most of the time you won't need a case spreader, a couple of tyre levers will suffice.

Having said that, I'm installing a new locker soon and will be borrowing a case spreader. :D

All the bearings are available, Timken are generally the OE fitment, although I think Koyo were sometimes used ?

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