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Towing a 110 CSW

Les Henson

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One of my customers has this vehicle, and has lost all drive (clutch or possibly gearbox). The vehicle needs to be towed 6-miles with all 4 wheels on the road. I have read somewhere that the rear prop has to be removed, is this right? I would have thought that gearbox and transfer box in neutral would be sufficient. Anyone know for definite please ?



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Handbook states just leave it in neutral, diff lock OFF and leave keys in and ignition at first position to remove steering lock. ^_^

Prop removal necessary only for lifted axle towing.

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Unless there is a transfer box or centre diff problem then putting transfer box in neutral will be perfectly adequate , to flat tow to anywhere. The AA is probably a sop for all 4x4 to prevent someone getting it wrong with a particular make.

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