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Discovery 2 seats in huge back of a 110??

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As above, will they fit? Has anyone done it?

I currently have a series seat box to fit, upon which I plan to fit my old front seats, but I have seen a set of d2 seats fairly cheap and wondered if they would be an easier option? Any thoughts?

Edit: title shoud read 'in the back' (blasted ipad!) could a mod correct please?

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I know D1 second row seats can be fitted into the back of a 109 with a little bit of modification of the tub, so I imagine fitting D2 seats in a 110 would be pretty much the same.

I'm not sure where to look for the pictures now, but IIRC it involved cutting a portion out of the sloping front of the tub's wheel boxes, then just putting in a flat bottom and a vertical wall.

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